Phyllis Yes

Phyllis Yes Toasts

Phyllis Yes- artist, playwright, professor, icon.

Dr. Yes will have a career-spanning showcase of work in the Dee Denton Gallery, May 29th through the end of the Festival on June 25th. The exhibit will be a rare chance to see the range of her art and purchase an original Phyllis Yes for yourself!

Meet Phyllis in person at the Patron Preview Party!

Spaces are limited! Get your tickets to this amazing event. June 22th, 2023 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Phyllis Yes creates art ranging from works on painted canvas to furniture, clothing, and jewelry. She is known for her works that “feminize” objects usually associated with a stereotypically male domain, such as machine guns, hard hats, and hammers.

Among her best-known artworks are “Paint Can with Brush,” her feminine military epaulettes, and her infamous “Por She,” a silver 1967 Porsche 911-S, painted in pink and flesh-toned lace rosettes.


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