Past Shows

Lakewood Theatre Company History of Plays Presented 1952 - 2020

Lakewood Theatre Company originated in 1952 as the Oswego Players and later changed its name to Lake Oswego Community Theatre. After the acquisition of the Lakewood School, the company again changed its name in 1990 to Lakewood Theatre Company.

Lakewood Theatre Company is the oldest continually operated, a not-for-profit theatre company in the Portland Metropolitan area. It annually provides more than 400 theatre artists the opportunity to learn and display their craft and attracts more than 40,000 people to its shows.

In the listing below:

  • * = original production
  • ^ indicates we do not have records on the show.

(If you have photos or programs with a show marked ^ please contact us at 503-635-3901. Thanks!)

1952 Theatre organized
1953Two Blind Mice ^August
1953Blithe Spirit ^May
1954Nothing But The Truth ^April
1954Suspect ^December
1954Claudia ^February
1954Pennywise ^July
1955The Beloved Rake * ^ April
1955Time for Elizabeth ^ February
1956Harvey ^ April
1956The Heiress ^ February
1956Affairs Of State October
1957Papa Is All ^ March
1957Night Must Fall ^ May
19577 Nuns At Las Vegas ^ October
1958 Be Your Age ^ March
1958 Night Of January 16th ^ May
1958 Visit To A Small Planet ^ October
1959 Joe Meek * February
1959 Tender Trap ^ March
1959 The Stronger November
1959 Lion of the West * September
1960 The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker April
1960 Moby Dick ^ July
1960 Kings and Clowns ^ July
1960 The Bishop Misbehaves June
1960 The Beloved Rake * November
1960 Blithe Spirit
1961 You Touched Me March
1961 Pleasure Of His Company May
1961 Arsenic and Old Lace September
1961 Penneywise
1961 Suspect
1962 Bell Book & Candle July
1962 Ghosts June
1962 Sabrina Fair March
1962 Voice Of The Turtle November
1962 Candida September
1963 South Pacific August
1963 Gigi February
1963 Dirty Work at the Crossroads ^ January
1963 Art In Your Garden Green * ^ May
1963 Bus Stop November
1964 Dial M For Murder February
1964 The Boyfriend May
1964 Auntie Mame October
1965             (Kay Lee Playbox Players) ^ 10/2/65
1965             (Kay Lee Playbox Players) ^ 11/20/65
1965             (Kay Lee Playbox Players) ^ 11/6/65
1965             (Kay Lee Playbox Players) ^ 12/18/65
1965 Private Lives April
1965 The Mouse Trap January
1965 The Fantasticks July
1965 Prince Rabbit March
1965 The Gazebo October
1965 Birthday Party
1965 Children's Theatre Guest Productions
1966 Children's Theatre Guest Productions(Kay Lee Playbox Players) ^ 1/4/66
1966 Little Mary Sunshine April
1966 Children's Guest Production April
1966 Children's Guest Production December
1966 Five Finger Exercise January
1966 The Moon Is Blue June
1966 Tiny Alice  November
1966 Children's Guest Production October
1966 Earnest In Love September
1967 A Christmas Carol December
1967 Children's Guest Production ^ February
1967 Irregular Verb To Love January
1967 Stop The World I Want To Get Off March
1967 Slow Dance On The Killing Ground November
1967 Children's Guest Production ^ September
1967 Luv September
1968 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum April
1968 Monique February
1968 Come Blow Your Horn November
1969 The Roar Of The Greasepaint &The Smell of the Crowd April
1969 White Liars/Black Comedy February
1969 The Homecoming January
1969 Silent Night, Lonely Night November
1969 Halfway Up The Tree October
1970 Joe Egg December
1970 The Entertainer January
1970 The Happy Time March
1970 Dirty Work At The Crossroads May
1970 Stefan The Young November
1970 It's Never Too Late September
1971 Checkers (Guest Production) April
1971 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof January
1971 Guys & Dolls March
1971 Where's Charlie May
1971 Here's Love November
1971 A Thurber Carnival September
1972 Pajama Game April
1972  Don't Pull My String * December
1972 The Me Nobody Knows ^ July
1972  Company September
1972 A Streetcar Named Desire
1973 A Thousand Clowns January
1973 21 Years From Broadway  ^ July
1973 Butterflies Are Free March
1973 Cabaret May
1973 Feiffer's People November
1973 Anything Goes September
1974 How The Other Half Loves January
1974 Wait Until Dark March
1974 Man of La Mancha May
1974 Oliver November
1974 Godspell ^ September
1975 George M! April
1975 Jesus Christ Superstar August
1975 Hansel & Gretel (No. 1) - guest production December
1975 Owl and the Pussycat January
1975 You're A Good Man Charlie Brown - guest production July
1975 The Last of the Red Hot Lovers March
1975 A Little Night Music November
1975 Romanoff and JulietFebruary
1976 The Messiah December
1976 Charley's Aunt January
1976 Seven Performers In Search of an Audience July
1976 Count Dracula March
1976 Sweet Charity May
1976 Hot L Baltimore October
1976 Two Gentlemen of Verona September
1977 Gypsy April
1977 The Me Nobody Knows August
1977 Hansel & Gretel (No. 2) - guest production December
1977 A Taste of Honey February
1977 Blithe Spirit January
1977 Westside Story June
1977 Harvey  November
1977 Irma La Douce September
1978 Celebration April
1978 Adventures of Paddington Bear December
1978 Hansel & Gretel (No. 3) - guest production December
1978 King Of Hearts January
1978  I Lost Me At The Movies * July
1978 Jurgen * July
1978 The Front Page June
1978 Sleuth March
1978 6 Rms Riv Vu November
1978 Annie Get Your Gun September
1979 110 In The Shade August
1979 Christmas Carol December
1979 The Diary of Anne Frank January
1979 Starting Here, Starting Now July
1979 City Blues & Golden Girls* July
1979 Marathon ‘33 March
1979 Candide May
1979 The Last Haunting of the Canterville Ghost* May
1979 Same Time Next Year (touring) May
1979 Something's Afoot November
1979 Showboat September
1980 Seven Keys to Baldpate August
1980 Snow White At The Circus * December 1st show at Lakewood (in the school gym)
1980 The Royal Family January
1980  The Diamond Girl * July
1980 Inherit The Wind March
1980 Pajama Game May
1980 Amphitryon 38 November
1980 Chicago September
1981Cricket On The Hearth  December Lakewood Gym space 
1981 Hansel & Gretel December
1981 Child's Play January
1981 The Tavern July
1981 Philadelphia Story March
1981 Company May
1981 Tears of Joy (guest show) November
1981 Curley McDimple  November
1981 Pure as the Driven Snow October1st show Side Door stage,CMR  at Lakewood
1981 Cabaret September
1982 The Real Inspector Hound August
1982 Messiah December  Lakewood Gym Space
1982 One Act Showcase February Side Door, CMR
1982 40 Carats January
1982  Murder At The Howard Johnson July Side Door, CMR
1982 That Championship Season March
1982 Lil'l Abner May
1982 The Emperor's New Clothes May
1982 Arsenic and Old Lace November
1982 A Fate Worse Than Death October Side Door, CMR
19823 Fairy Tales  October
1982A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum September
1983 Fiddler On The Roof December
1983 The Fantasticks February Lakewood Gym Space
1983 The Elephant Man January
1983 Side By Side July Side Door, CMR
1983 Bedroom Farce March Last show at 156 Greenwood Road theatre space
1983 Pal Joey May 1st show in new theatre at Lakewood
1983 A Pair of Hearts * October Side Door, CMR
1983 Annie September
1984 Mass Appeal April Side Door, CMR
1984 Dinner At Eight January
1984 Barefoot in the Park July
1984 Cat and the Canary March
1984 The Pirates of Penzance May
1984 Crucifer of Blood November
1984 Tarradiddle Tales October
1984 Sugar September
1985 Gin Game April Side Door, CMR
1985 Dr. Bodyman - guest show December
1985 Hansel & Gretel - guest show December
1985 Night of January 16th January
1985 Wally's Cafe July
1985 High Fidelity June
1985 Play It Again Sam March
1985 They're Playing Our Song May
1985 Cinderella May
1985 Whodunit November
1985 Of Men and Women October Side Door, CMR
1985 Anything Goes September
1986 Chapter Two February Side Door, CMR
1986 You Can't Take it With You January
1986 Hay Fever July
1986 Octette Bridge Club March Side Door, CMR
1986 Rimers of Eldridge March
1986 Sweet Charity  May
1986 Auntie Mame November
1986 Beyond Therapy October Side Door, CMR
1986 No No Nanette September
1987 Men's Singles April Side Door, CMR
1987 The Messiah December
1987 Two for the Seesaw February Side Door, CMR
1987 The Merry Widow January
1987  You & The Night & The Music * July Side Door, CMR
1987 The Odd Couple July
1987 School for Wives March
1987  The Front Page May
1987 Snow White & 7 Dwarfs in the Black Forest May
1987 Little Footsteps November
1987 Puss In Boots November
1987 Laundry & Bourbon / Lone Star October Side Door, CMR
1987 Vladimir Krainev (Guest Russian Pianist Concert) * October
1987 David & Lisa October
1987 Student Prince September
1988 Ann Marie Blake Show* April  Side Door, CMR
1988 Educating Rita February  Side Door, CMR
1988 Angel Street January
1988 Corpse July
1988 Once Upon A Mattress May
1988 Everybody Loves Opal November
1988 The Music Man September
1988 Taking My TurnMarch
1989 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December (1st production)
1989 The Innocents January
1989 The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue July
1989 The Imaginary Invalid March
1989 Dames At Sea May
1989 Promenade All October
1989 3 Guys Naked From the Waist Down September
1990 Let's Go To The Moon April
1990 FA LA LA LA Philpott * December Side Door, CMR
1990 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre December Side Door, CMR (first production)
1990 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1990 Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat January
1990 Oil City Symphony July
1990 Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 March
1990 Guys and Dolls May
1990 Taking Steps November
1990 Curtain Calls* October Side Door, CMR
1990 Chicago September
1991 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre December Side Door, CMR
1991 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1991 Day In Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine January
1991 Relatively Speaking July
1991 A Murder Is Announced March
1991 Godspell May
1991 Really Rosie May
1991 Nite Club Confidential November
1991 Curtain Calls II*  October Side Door, CMR
1991 Three Penny Opera September
1991 Dandelion September
1992 Charlotte's Web April
1992 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
1992  Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1992 The Collection / The Lover February Side Door, CMR
1992 I Do I Do January
1992 Pumpboys & Dinettes July
1992 Bullshot Crummond March
1992 Quilters May
1992 Side By Side By Sondheim November
1992 George M! September
1993 Little Red and the Hoods * April
1993 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
1993 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1993 Murder At The Vicarage January
1993 Pump Boys & Dinettes July
1993 Scandalous Adventures of Sir Toby Trollope March
1993 A Little Night Music May
1993 Into The Woods November
1993 A Night In Old Vienna* October Side Door, CMR
1993 Kiss Me Kate September
1994 Steel Magnolias April  Side Door, CMR
1994  Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1994Holiday Magic Breakfast* Decmber  Side Door, CMR
1994 A Lesson From Aloes January
1994 Baby July
1994 Rumors March
1994  Nunsense II May
1994 Lend Me A Tenor November
1994  Oliver September
1994 Stone Soup September
1995 Love Letters April Side Door, CMR
1995 Snow White April
1995  Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1995  Holiday Magic Breakfast* Decmber Side Door, CMR
1995 Talley's Folley January
1995 The Nerd July
1995 Perfect Crime March
1995 Jesus Christ Superstar May
1995  Something's Afoot November
1995  The Boy Friend September
1996 Wiley and the Hairy Man April
1996 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
1996 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1996 Bedroom Farce January
1996 Beehive July
1996 Tartuffe March
1996 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum May
1996 Laughter on the 23rd Floor November
1996 The Elves & the Shoemaker October
1996 Crazy For You September
1997 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
1997 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1997 Ring Round Moon January
1997 Last Days At The Dixie Girl Cafe July
1997 Crimes of the Heart March
1997 Chess May
1997 Moon Over Buffalo November
1997 The Emperor's New Clothes October
1997 Irene September
1998 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
1998 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
1998 Murder Among Friends January
1998 Karaoke At The Casa De Chin * July
1998 I Hate Hamlet March
1998 Company May
1998 Inspecting Carol November
1998 Beehive September
1999School House Rock August
1999Holiday Magic Breakfast* Decmber Side Door, CMR
1999Brigadoon January
1999The Fantasticks July
1999Catch Me If You Can March
1999Damn Yankees May
1999Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat November
1999The Mystery of Irma Vep September
2000  National Bandstand (Guest) August
2000 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
2000 Breakfast with Santa* (tour) December
2000 Sleuth January
2000 Rock Star * July
2000 Noises Off March
2000 Sugar May
2000 Firebird * May
2000 Annie  November
2000  The Grass Harp September
2001 School House Rock August
2001 Breakfast with Santa* (tour) December Meier & Frank
2001 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December Side Door, CMR
2001 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2001 After The Fact & Porch January
2001 Ernest In Love July
2001 Arsenic and Old Lace March
2001 Sweeney Todd May
2001 Footlight Frenzy November
2001 A Little Night Music September
2002 Breakfast with Santa* (tour) December  Meier & Frank
2002 Holiday Magic Breakfast* December  Side Door, CMR
2002 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2002 Fiddler On The Roof January
2002 Quilters July
2002 Ah Wilderness! March
2002 Carousel May
2002 Blithe Spirit November
2002 Godspell September
2003 Lilac Samba* April1st playwriting Competiton staging
2003  Oregon Ghosts* August at Lewis& Clark College
2003 Anything Goes January
2003 The Spitfire Grill July at Lewis & Clark College Theatre (during Headlee Mainstage construction)
2003 Woman In Black March
2003 Carnival May
2003 Breakfast with Santa*  (tour) Meier & Frank
2003 Hansel & Gretel* (children's show) Side Door, CMR
2003 What If* (Children's show) Side Door, CMR
2003 A Company of Wayward Saints Side Door, CMR
2003 Parents* Side Door, CMR
2003 Holiday Magic Breakfast* Side Door, CMR
2003 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat1st show on Headlee Mainstage at Lakewood Center
2004 Saved By the Farce Too!* (children's show) August
2004 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre* December Side Door, CMR
2004 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2004 Make Mine Mocha* February Side Door, CMR
2004Once In A Lifetime January
2004 Good News July
2004 Accomplice March
2004 Murder At Brackenfern* May Playwritng Competition winner
2004 My Fair Lady May
2004 Breakfast with Santa* (tour) November Meier & Frank
2004 Vitriol & Violets* November
2004 Oh, Sin!* October Side Door, CMR
2004 Man of La Mancha September
2005 Cindy* (children's show) August
2005 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre* December Side Door, CMR
2005 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2005 Composers In Skirts* January Side Door, CMR
2005 Amadeus January
2005 Bye Bye Birdie July
2005 Italian American Reconciliation March Side Door, CMR
2005 Da March
2005 The Final Leg* May Playwritng Competition winner
2005  The Most Happy Fellow May
2005 Broadway Bound November
2005 Breakfast with Santa* (tour) November
2005 The Music Man September
2006 Write Myself A Letter* April Side Door, CMR
2006 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre* December Side Door, CMR
2006 The Lion in the Winter January
2006 A Midsummer Night's Dream July
2006 Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 March
2006Poor Mickey Spencer's Daughter's Ordeal* May Playwritng Competition winner
2006 Hello Dolly! May
2006 A Tuna Christmas November
2006 Ragtime, the Musical September
2007 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2007 Where's Charley? January
2007 Noises Off July
2007 Arcadia March
2007 Oklahoma! May
2007 Holiday Magic Breakfast November Side Door, CMR
2007 The Dinner Party November
2007 Thoroughly Modern Millie September
2008 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2008 Curate Shakespeare As You Like It January
2008The Three Musketeers July
2008 The Full Monty March
2008 The Mystery of Edwin Drood May
2008 Holiday Magic Breakfast* November Side Door, CMR
2008 You Can't Take It With You November
2008 Prometheus the Musical September
2009 Holiday Magic Breakfast * December Side Door, CMR
2009 Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2009 Bell, Book and Candle January
2009 The Producers July
2009 A Flea In Her Ear March
2009 Into The Woods May
2009 The Man Who Came to Dinner November
2009 Oliver! September
2010Holiday Magic Breakfast December  Side Door, CMR
2010Best Christmas Pageant Ever December
2010 Spider's Web January
2010Gypsy July return to top
2010 Lettice and Lovage March
2010 Curtains May
2010The Foreigner November
2010TheBaker's Wife OctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2010Sweet Charity September
2011Greenwillow AprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2011 Holiday Magic Breakfast Theatre DecemberSide Door, CMR
2011Oh, Coward! February  Side Door, CMR
2011Cyrano JanuaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2011The Hollow January
2011 Boeing-Boeing July
2011Lend Me A Tenor March
2011The Secret Garden May
2011 White Christmas November
2011 Mack and Mabel OctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2011 Annie Get Your Gun September
2012 Goldilocks AprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR 
2012 Minnie's Boys JanuaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR 
2012 Deadly Murder January
2012 On Golden Pond March
2012 City of Angels May
2012Irving Berlin's White ChristmasDecemberAdded holiday show - Mainstage
2012Holiday Magic - Peppermint Bear ShowDecemberSide Door, CMR
2012Fiorello!JanuaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2012See How They RunJuly
2012Mr. PresidentOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2012South PacificSeptember
2013Call Me MadamAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2013Irving Berlin's White ChristmasDecemberAdded holiday show - Mainstage
2013Holiday Magic - Peppermint Bear ShowDecember
2013Grand HotelJanuary
2013Greater TunaJuly
2013La Cage aux FollesMay
2013Inspecting CarolNovember
2013High SpiritsOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2014Dear WorldAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2014One Touch of VenusFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2014Agatha Christie's The MousetrapJanuary
2014The 39 StepsJuly
2014Crimes of the HeartMarch
2014Show BoatMay
2014She Loves MeNovember
2014It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's SupermanOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2014Young FrankensteinSeptember
2014Holiday Magic Show: Peppermint Bear
2015The Secret Life of Walter MittyAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2015What Makes Sammy RunFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2015Seven Wonders of Ballyknock*January
2015Unnecessary FarceJuly
2015Three Men On a HorseMarch
2015Present LaughterNovember
2015Frogtown LiveOctoberGuest children's show
2015Do I Hear A Waltz?OctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2015Anything GoesSeptember
2015Holiday Magic show: Peppermint Bear
2016Sail AwayAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2016Man of La ManchaApril
2016Holiday Magic show: Peppermint BearDecember
2016The Best Christmas Pageant EverDecember
2016JamaicaFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2016Golden BoyJanuary
2016Bullshot Crummond: The Evil Eye of Jabar and The Invisible Bride of Death*March
2016One Man, Two GuvnorsNovember
2016TenderloinOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2017How Now Dow JonesAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2017Holiday Magic Breakfast: The Peppermint BearDecemberSide door
2017The Best Christmas Pageant EverDecember
2017SeesawFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door, CMR
2017Murder On The NileJanuary
2017Visit to a Small PlanetJuly
2017God of CarnageMarch
2017To Kill A MockingbirdNovember
2017Two By TwoOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2018No StringsAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2018Sister ActApril
2018Holiday Magic Breakfast: The Peppermint BearDecember
2018The Best Christmas Pageant EverDecember
2018Pipe DreamFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2018Parnassus on Wheels*January
2018El Grande de Coca-Cola*March
2018Inherit the WindNovember
2018Frogtown LiveOctoberGuest children's show
2018On A Clear Day You Can See ForeverOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2018Bootlegger's Son*SeptemberOriginal guest production showcase
2019WildcatAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2019Singin' In the RainApril
2019Holiday Magic Breakfast: The Peppermint BearDecember
2019The Best Christmas Pageant EverDecember
2019Promises, PromisesFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2019Dial M for MurderJanuary
2019Taking StepsMarch
2019Frogtown LiveNovemberguest children's show
2019Shakespeare in LoveNovember
2019The High LifeOctoberLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2019The Rocky Horror ShowSeptember
2020Night of the Living Dead - Movielive action with movie in parking lot
2020I Can Get It For You WholesaleAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2020Lakewood On the LawnAug-Oct 8/22 9/5 9/12 9/19 10/3 10/10 10/24
2020Santa's Christmasc CardsDecemberonline musical revue
2020The Apple TreeFebruaryLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2020Wait Until DarkJanuary
2020The Old CoupleMarch
2020Funny Girl cancelled - COVIDMay
2021Goodtime CharleyAugUnder the Tent - Lost Treaures
2021MetamorphosesAugustonline presentation
2021Elf JRDecMainstage
2021Fertile Ground playsFebonline
2021Stone Soup the MusicalJanonline presentation
2021HauntedJulyonline presentation
2021Summer SoundsJuly-Oct7/3 7/10 7/17 7/24 7/31
2021Elf the MusicalNovMainstage
2021The Odd Couple resumesSept9/23 on the Mainstage
2021The Odd Couple resumesSeptMainstage
2022Canterville*AprilNew Treasures
2022A Connecticut Yankee in KingFebLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2022Murder on the Orient ExpressJanMainstage
2022Fertile Ground Plays*Janonline - original plays
2022The Kiss*JulyMainstage - original musical
2022Leading LadiesMarchMainstage
2022Roar of the GreasepaintOctLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2022Blithe SpiritSeptMainstage
2022Shrek JRMayMainstage
2023CelebrationAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2023The Happy TimeFebLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2023The Ghost of David Belasco*JanMainstage - original play
2023The Marvelous WonderettesJulyMainstage
2023Doubt: A ParableMarchMainstage
2023Something's Rotten!MayMainstage
2023Disney's Beauty and the Beast JRMayMainstage
2023Young Playwrights Festival*MaySide Door - original plays
2023Holiday InnNovMainstage
2023Weird RomanceOctLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2023Arsenic and Old LaceSeptMainstage
2024Day in Hollywood/Night in UkraineAprilLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
20249 to 5 The MusicalAprilMainstage
2024Romance/RomanceFebLost Treasures Collection, Side Door
2024A Tomb With A ViewJanMainstage
2024A Few Good MenMarMainstage