The Dee Denton Gallery: Open Hearts Big Dreams


This year's collaboration and partnership with Open Hearts Big Dreams will embody diversity and spark a unique creation of art literacy, as a new book will be produced locally, and sent internationally to Ethiopia.

The collaborative effort is set to produce a stunning collection of original artworks that will illustrate a new book to be sent to families in Ethiopia.  The artists will be onsite during both events to autograph the books.

A book inspired by visual art. Visual art inspired by dance.

Talented artists from diverse backgrounds will weave the vibrant elements of Ethiopian dances into their creations, capturing the essence of this rich cultural heritage.

Invited artists paint and draw images inspired by real photographs. The artwork will illustrate the book Ethiopian Dances

Beyond national and local artists, we're excited to feature three artists from Ethiopia, including Teklemariam Zewde, who will be attending the festival.

The “Ethiopian Dances” book and artwork will debut June 3rd from 4:30-7pm, during the Art Decked Out event, but stay onsite through Festival weekend, in the Dee Denton gallery at Lakewood Center. 

Jan Rimerman, curator of the Dee Denton gallery, shares “Our goal is to inspire visitors with incredible art and showcase the transformative power of creativity and its potential to inspire the next generation of artists, thinkers, and leaders.”  

Joyous Dance by Bev Jozwiak
Joyous Dance by Bev Jozwiak

Art Decked Out is free, but please RSVP so we know you're coming! Seating is limited.

Artists: Lee Baughman, Rene Eisenbart, Eyayu Genet, Bev Jozwiak, Yvonne Knoll, Debbie Lindow, Abby Marble, Kelly Morrison, Nahosenay Negussie, Mila Raphael, Alex Regasa, Jan Rimerman, Diane Russell, Beth Schilling, Teklemariam Zewde, Beth Verheyden,  Liz Walker, Haelyn Y, and Loisann Young

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Collaborator and visionary of Open Hearts Big Dreams, Jane Kurtz says, “As the head of the OHBD creative team, I write some of the books myself, recruit and coach writers and illustrators, collaborate with designers, and guide the Amharic translation. All of our books are bilingual; they each are in English and one Ethiopian local language. We have three different people that work on the Amharic translation and give us feedback.”


One of the goals of Open Hearts Big Dreams is to expand art literacy, turning over 700 books into 11 languages through local and global efforts. Setting bold goals of positively impacting the literacy rate of a country of 115 MM people, sending culturally-appropriate books for Ethiopia where millions of people are eager to practice reading.  CEO and founder, Ellenore Angelidis and Jane Kurtz will be speaking at the kick off Art Decked Out event and at the festival patron party.


Teklemariam Zewdie, a distinguished artist, was born on February 28, 1969, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 1999, he completed his education at the renowned Addis Ababa University School of Fine Art and Design, specializing in Mural Art. Since then, Teklemariam has dedicated himself to a full-time career as a studio artist, passionately exploring his artistic pursuits. Presently, he is the proud owner of Maraki Art Gallery.

The Dee Denton Gallery is sponsored by Chrisman Framing, who will be framing all of the artwork for the exhibit!

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