About The Dee Denton Gallery


The Lakewood Center Dee Denton Gallery exhibits the work of professional two-dimensional artists. We will be having limited three-dimensional shows. Please watch for the announcements. The gallery varies from solo and duo exhibitions to group shows. The curator pairs artists and works together to present challenging themes, mediums and to celebrate the visual arts.  The shows are scheduled about two years out. You can find information about applying to the gallery at the bottom of this page.

The Dee Denton Gallery is located at the main entrance of the Lakewood Center for the Arts. When it is safe to do so, we look forward to reopening the gallery to the public during regular business hours 9 AM – 5 PM weekdays and 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturdays. (During regular business, the gallery is also open for general viewing during the evening until 10 PM on most weeknights and on show nights.)




November 28-December 23

The Rain Spark Gallery is seasonal and is relocates in different store fronts in Lake Oswego each year.  It is open November 1 through December 24.  This year they are located at 180 A Avenue on the corner of A Ave. and 2nd Street.  The size of the space is different every year so the number of artists participating changes too.  This year there are 21 members and 12 guests exhibiting.  This is a cooperative gallery so all of the exhibiting artists prepare the space for the exhibition, install the work, man the floor, do all of the marketing and de-install at the end of the two month run.  You can meet the artists by looking at the schedule card by their work. The gallery will offer everything from paper arts, books, jewelry, glass, wearables, sculpture, pottery, fibre art, painting and prints.  You may purchase the work from the box office and take it with you.  A portion of the sales is donated to the Lakewood Center.


Hours 10am-6pm Mon.-Sat and 10am-4pm on Sun



October 24-November 27

Brockway and Wise produce abstract monoprints and paintings that resound with depth and layers telling the story in similar yet diverse patterns. 

Brockway creates substantial shapes with manipulated texture.  Prismacolor pencils, ink, pastels and graphite are introduced to create the complicated layers on the pieces.  Brockway states,Sometimes I can’t get enough ink onto the plate and paper, and other times there is an excess that requires taking away. I feel like the process allows the work to take on a depth that gives way to a new image, a style that is my own.”  You will find Janet working at Studio 6000 in Sisters, OR.


Wise layers her paint with soft flowing motions.  Her work creates an energy that “brings order to chaos.”  Wise describes her process as, “trance-like; there is an implied trust that in imperfection I can endure and find beauty.”  Most of the work in this exhibition was created during the pandemic.  “Creating something timeless and beautiful for me has always been a comfort against the fact of life’s losses and fears.”  You will find more of Judy’s work at Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland, Earthworks Gallery on the Oregon Coast and at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery.




From August 30- September 25 the Dee Denton Gallery will be exhibiting photographs depicting various events of the Lakewood Theatre through the years beginning in 1952. The 22 selected photographs have been reproduced on metal and are available for purchase for $150 each.  

The playbills and photographs of select plays through the years will also be displayed in the hallway of the Lakewood Center.

Today, the non-profit Lakewood Center of the Arts hosts Rotary meetings, the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, arts education classes, special events, fundraisers, two preschools, the Headlee Mainstage Theatre, Side Door Stage Theatre, Dee Denton Gallery and Art Decked Out.





Susan Greenbaum and Marcia Jeglum are exhibiting in the Dee Denton Gallery during September. Both artists have evolved their mediums from ancient traditions making the techniques and outcomes their very own. Susan’s encaustic wax painting technique was practiced by the Greeks as far back as the 5th century B.C. The paper cut technique that Marcia is using has been traced to the 4th century AD during the Han Dynasty in China. Both encaustic painting and paper cutting have rich global histories throughout the centuries. Greenbaum and Jeglum have pushed and morphed the techniques into their own personal styles.

REEMERGE EXHIBIT May 30 - June 27, 2022

As the world rolls out from under the pandemic blanket, the 2022 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts has some exciting exhibits planned. In the Dee Denton Gallery the invitational, “REemergence” will be exhibited before, during and after the festival.  Art in the Park is taking place June 25th and 26th as well as the Artist Vision in the Lakewood Center hallway.

The Artistic Development and Festival Coordinator, Natalie Wood, states, “Over the past two years, the Steering committee pivoted time and time again, seeking to maintain our mission of providing the community with an arts education event. As things began to open up, it became clear to us that we needed to both honor the stress the pandemic put everyone through and give artists a platform to express themselves.”

Hence…“REemergence” was hatched.  Five artists that have participated in the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts Open Show and/or the Art in the Park have been invited to display their work in the Dee Denton Gallery for one month. This exhibit shows how these five artists responded with new artwork to the lockdown, different realities and the “REemergence” to daily life.  These artists are: Paulina Archambault-acrylic on canvas, Robin Hostick-acrylic and oil on canvas, Shobha Jetmalani-Oil on Panel, Beth Yazhari-Textiles with Mixed Media, and Bekha Zeimetz-Mixed Media.

Wood explains, “‘REemergence’ is about stepping out and coming back, so the community can again find inspiration and connection to the art.”

Artwork: "Coast+Fork+Willamette," by Robin Hostick


Joan Eliot Sappington put her heart and soul into the Lake Oswego Community.

The work shown in the Joan Eliot Sappington Collection in the Dee Denton Gallery is just part of the artwork that she acquired throughout her lifetime.  Joan was always interested in the next new piece while honoring the traditional mediums and the historical aspect. Take some time to examine the selections and read a bit of history behind the pieces.
Joan’s spirit is ever present at the Lake Oswego Festival
of the Arts.



McKinnon, Kliks, & Haslett Art Exhibit
May 2 - May 30, 2022

The dynamic duo of Susan McKinnon and Bernard Kliks is a powerful team.  Both artists have evolved from other mediums and styles and are as powerful now as they ever were.  Susan works in acrylic paint creating non-representational abstract work while Bernard’s work in this exhibit sports monotypes printed with water-based inks. Both artists are inspired by nature.  They use their own garden for subject matter.

Art Decked Out May 23, 2022 ------ 5:00 - 7:00 PM   CLICK HERE for tickets

Meet Dave Haslett, Bernard Kliks & Susan McKinnon exhibiting in the Dee Denton Gallery May 2-May 29.

Haslett, Kliks & McKinnon are dedicated to creating contemporary fine art in three distinct mediums. You will hear about how to work a stone into a masterpiece, printmaking from garden materials & the process of abstract painting. These well known artists will speak of their personal artistic journey & reveal how their artwork evolves from inspiration to completion. Danny Schauffler, of the Crazy 8"s, will be performing 4:30pm & throughout the evening. The presentation is on the deck while you sit at the bistro tables on the Lakewood lawn. The gallery will be open throughout the evening. Wine & water will be available for purchase. Nicoletta's Table has available snacks to go when pre-ordered. Pickup at Nicoletta's Table before the event. Deadline for orders is noon on the Thursday before the event. In case of rain, this Art Decked Out will be cancelled.



 Dave Haslett is a local stone sculptor known for his organic shapes created out of NW basalt, granite and olivine.




Lake Oswego Reads Art Show
March 28 - May 2, 2022

 (artwork: "Chances" by Leslie Cheney-Parr)

C Pam Zhang’s novel, “How Much of These Hills Is Gold,” was selected by a steering committee for the 2022 LO Reads program, now in its 16th year. A group of artists, working in a wide range of mediums from glass to watercolor, were given a copy of the book and asked to produce a piece inspired by Zhang’s tale of two siblings in the American West.
The public will get a chance to meet and hear from the artists at a presentation on April 4 at 6 p.m. at Lakewood Center for the Arts at 368 South State St. Following a wine reception, the artists will take to the Lakewood stage to give a brief behind-the-scenes look into the process and creation of their work.The LO Reads Art Exhibition will be displayed at Lakewood Center through the end of May, before going on tour to several regional libraries. The show ends in December. All work in the exhibition is available for purchase through the Lakewood Center Box Office. If purchased, the buyer will be notified when the piece returns from the traveling show. This year’s LO Reads Artists are Stuart Adams, Bill Baily, Mary Burgess, Leslie Cheney-Parr, Susie Cowan, Bonnie Garlington, Vicki Green, Dave Haslett, Jani Hoberg, Dyanne Locati, Kara Pilcher, Jan Rimerman, Leanne Streit, Debby Neely, Beth Verheyden, Lisa Wiser, Natalie Wood, Jim Wylder, and Beth Yazhari.
CLICK HERE for the full schedule of activities from the LO Reads program.

Layers of Light
January 31 - February 27, 2022

Spring Arrives by Sue JensenLocal artists Sue Jensen and Bill Baily are respected in the art world by their peers and collectors alike.  Both artists have studied many different mediums and respond to their craft by creating their own styles and techniques.

In the exhibit “Layers of Light,” both Jensen and Baily explore layers of medium overlapping to create new textures, colors, and shapes.  Each artist uses different media.  Sue Jensen uses oil and cold wax while Bill Baily explores with various papers and acrylic paint. Artwork: Spring Arrives by Sue Jensen.

Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands

December 24, 2021 - January 30, 2022


The Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands idea began in November 2016, when Jan Rimerman and Dave Haslett began working on their 2017 exhibition schedule.  Jan, a mixed-media painter, and Dave, a stone sculptor, planned a show in their studio in West Linn in May.  Little did they know that this show would change their lives as well as the lives of some of our local Western Pond Turtles from 2016 to the present.


This year we are exhibiting at the Lakewood Center from December 24-January 31.  Participating artists are:  Lorraine Bushek, Mary Dennis, Dave Haslett, Jani Hoberg, Michelle Gallagher, Michelle Lattanzi, Debby Neely, Molly Reeves, Jan Rimerman, and Candace Wilson.  A percentage of each art sale is donated to The Wetlands Conservancy to provide funding for removal of  invasive plant and animal species, to set out basking logs and to monitor the health and numbers of returning turtles to the Nyberg Wetlands.