2022 Scholarship Awards announced


Alexa Sheehan and Sarah Palumbis, both graduating seniors at Lakeridge High School, have been awarded scholarships for continuing education in the arts.

April 25, 2022: Lakewood Theatre Company Scholarship winners announced

Lakewood Theatre Company and the Lakewood Center Associates mark their 45th year of providing a scholarship for a graduating senior from Lake Oswego, Lakeridge, or West Linn High Schools pursuing a career in the performing arts. Two students at Lakeridge High School were each awarded $2,000 to continue their studies in the arts. Congratulations to Alexa Shaheen and Sarah Plumbs. Special thanks to the Lakewood Associates for their mission to raise funds to sponsor continuing education in the arts!

Alexa Shaheen will be graduating from Lakeridge High School in June 2022. She is going to be a freshman at the University of Utah next year! She is thrilled to be majoring in Musical Theatre, minoring in Kinesiology, and exploring the beautiful scenery of Utah. Throughout her Senior year at Lakeridge, she has played Sophie in Mamma Mia!, participated in Bridgetown Conservatory’s Theory of Relativity, was in the Company Variety Show, and has been the Lakeridge Drama Board Vice President. Alexa’s favorite memory of Lakewood Theatre was participating in Peppermint Bear several times as an elf (one time being a tap-dancing one). Thank you, Lakewood for your continued support of Alexa!




Sarah Palumbis is a graduating senior from Lakeridge High School, notes: “Dance is my life! It has been my primary focus for as long as I can remember. I have been admitted into the dance program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and I am eagerly anticipating beginning my study of the Arts as a Dance Major in the Fall of 2022. My long-term goals are to enter the dance industry, build relationships, create a strong portfolio and reputation, and pursue a fruitful career wherever dance may take me. I envision myself touring with artists, dancing in music videos, production dancing, ensemble dancing and fully immersing myself in the worldwide professional dance community. My hope is to be a part of this creative industry, alongside artists, choreographing and performing.“



Sarah is pleased to share her performance video link: