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Download a flyer listing the Fertile Ground 2015 shows at Lakewood.

2015 Fertile Ground Plays Presented at Lakewood

Fertile Ground at Lakewood 2015Lakewood Theatre Company will be presenting four original works January 24 – 31, 2015 in conjunction with Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival. Fertile Ground, sponsored by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance, is a citywide festival focused on new work in the Arts. It features world premiere projects, staged readings, developing works and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community.

In our four offerings we’ll premiere two musicals and two comedies. Each of the Lakewood presentations will offer a talk back session to better explore the themes presented.

The four shows include:

  • Upon a Winter Road, Saturday, Jan 24 @ 2pm
  • The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Sunday, Jan 25 @ 2pm
  • Want Fries With That?, Monday, Jan. 26 @ 7pm
  • One Off! - Completely Improvised One Act Plays, Saturday, Jan. 31 @ 2pm

All of the Lakewood Fertile Ground offerings will be staged readings and are world premieres (defined as not having had a fully staged production in another venue in its current form regionally or nationally).

 Upon a Winter Road

Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Book by (Act 1) Kurt Misar (Act 2) Russ CowanUpn A Winter Road at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan 24, 2 PM
Lyrics by (Act 1) Kurt Misar (Act 2) Brad Beaver
  - additional lyrics by Russ Cowan
Directed by John Oules       
Musical Direction by Darcy White

A robust troupe of 19th century English actors prepare to present a holiday entertainment, telling how they travel and perform from town to town. On this night, on this stage, they present two holiday one-acts.

   In a rural, yuletide celebration of a long-forgotten, English Christmas     
   Eve circa 1790, village locals make holiday wishes for a better life.  
   Their festivities are interrupted by a meddling guest, a doomed love
   affair, the desperate need of a carpenter and his wife, and the
   unexpected arrival of a ghostly highwayman – whose misdeeds
   unexpectedly bring forth spiritual renewal and good fortune for all.

   A broad, 1661 sex-farce set in London. Husband-and-wife owners of a    
   coffee house plan to give their daughter a better life by marrying her off  
   to a wealthy merchant on this Christmas Eve. Their scheme is
   jeopardized by the arrival of penniless customers, a gossipy aunt, their
   apprentice-actor son and his lover – and the young butcher coming to  
   ask for the daughter’s hand.

The Adventures of Baron MunchausenAdventures of Baron Munchausen at Lakewood Theatre Company January 25, 2015 at 2 PM

Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 2:00 PM
Book & Lyrics by Mark LaPierre
Music by Dan David, Music Director is Jeffrey Kauffman
Directed by Diane Englert

From the creator of 4x4=Musicals comes a new musical so epic, so charming - it cannot be believed! And, in fact - one person doesn’t. The Baron Munchausen has recently moved to England and tales of his outlandish accomplishments have preceded him. But stories of impossible hunts, seafaring prowess and a single-handed battle with armies are too much for a fop named Nigel. When the Baron’s much-lauded wife fails to show up at a welcoming party, Nigel dares to publicly challenge the truth of the Baron’s stories and the existence of his wife. As the Baron heads off to find his missing wife, he drags this cynic through a travelogue of his tales in the quest to teach Nigel the value of belief and to be reunited with his true love. Pirates, battles, talking walruses and man eating plants are just some of the ingredients in this new musical adventure!

Want Fries With That?Want Fries With That? at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan. 26, 2015

Monday, January 28, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Written and Directed by C.S. Whitcomb

How’s a family to survive when the sanest family member is 14-year-old Flip? Nana’s lost her marbles. Mom’s obsessed with hoarding the complete set of McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys. Her daughter, a former stoner/biker chick is now brain damaged and returned to the adorable little girl she once was. Grampa’s disappeared. The house is filled to the rafters with “The Collection” so the family has taken to sleeping in La-Z-Boy recliners on the front porch. This new comedy by C.S. Whitcomb (Seven Wonders of Ballyknock, Holidazed, Lear’s Follies) milks laughs from one of our shared American boomer cultural nightmares and investigates the question, can one have too much of a happy thing?

One OFF: Improvised One ActsOne Off One Acts at Lakewood Theatre Company, Jan 31, 2015

Saturday, January 31, 2014, 2:00 PM
Featuring the players of Infinite Improv!
Directed by Aden Kirschner and Eric Nepom

The world of improvised theatre can open the imagination in ways utterly unpredictable, totally magical and completely entertaining! Join us in this highly interactive showcase where your suggestions transform our players into all kinds of characters and transport them to all manner of places! How will the show turn out? Nobody knows until the moment that we all share together!  Play with theatre you help create, or simply sit back and enjoy an afternoon of unforgettable, unscripted theatre with the locally and nationally recognized, award-winning, talented friends & company of Infinite Improv!, in 1ne OFF! - completely improvised one act plays.

About Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground 2015 is a 11-day arts festival that will be held January 22 through February 1 in Portland, Oregon. This city-wide festival is focused on new work in the Arts. It will feature world premiere projects, staged readings, developing works and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community. The 2014 Festival included more than 75 Portland-generated new works. From fully staged world premieres in theatre, to ensemble and collaborative driven work, dance, comedy, visual art and film…this festival spans the spectrum of creative endeavor and seeds the next generation of creation through artist conversations, workshops, lunchtime readings and more.
Unlike a typical fringe festival, Fertile Ground features the finest new work of our LOCAL artists, performers and resident theater companies, ensuring that the artistic and financial benefits of the festival stay in Portland. Where other New Works Festivals are curated by one theater company and typically feature a string of staged readings, this festival is collaboratively shaped by variety of aesthetic voices.
Fertile Ground features a full range of artistic experience, giving audiences a greater depth and breadth of work from which to choose in a concentrated time frame. From Portland’s oldest and largest producing institutions to its newest, smallest or self-produced companies, the Fertile Ground Festival offers the breadth of creation. For this reason we feel this festival is nationally unique, providing a new model for creating and sharing new work that will be of substantive value to the national theater and arts.
Fertile Ground was launched by the Portland Area Theatre Alliance (the service organization for Portland theater artists and organizations) in 2009 to provide a platform for Portland theater companies to showcase their commitment to new work; and to invite regional and national artists, artistic leaders and arts aficionados to discover for themselves that Portland truly is fertile ground for creativity, innovation, and daring acts of performance. Fertile Ground has grown its scope of offerings to encompass the open field of arts creation to include dance, comedy and visual arts. Fertile Ground aspires to provide a forum where art lovers near and far will come to appreciate that Portland truly is fertile ground for creativity, innovation, and daring acts of performance..

About Lakewood Theatre Company

62 Years of Live Theatre: Founded as a not-for-profit organization in 1952, Lakewood Theatre Company is a professional theatre dedicated to the study and presentation of drama in all its forms; the training and development of actors; and the creation, maintenance and operation of a theatre in which to present plays and other forms of entertainment. Lakewood Theatre Company is the oldest continually operated, not-for-profit theatre company in the Portland Metropolitan area. It annually provides more than 400 theatre artists the opportunity to learn and display their craft and attracts more than 40,000 people to its shows.

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Creative Teams for Fertile Ground 2015 at Lakewood


Upon A Winter Road Jan. 24, 2015 creative team (left to right): Russ Cowan, Kurt Misar and Brad Beaver







Creative team for The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Jan. 25, 2015. Pictured (left to right) Mark LaPierre and Dan David.








C.S. Whitcomb - palywright, "You Want Fries With That"Cynthia Whitcomb, playwright of You Want Fries With That? Jan. 28, 2015.










1ne Off: Completely Improvised One Acts, Fertile Ground performance on Jan 31, 2015. Company creators: Aden Kirschner, Eric Nepom, Ali Crocker, Zachery Monty, Emile Stites, Rachel Van Nes, Garrett Palm, Jess Lee and Steve Goodwin

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Season support for Lakewood is provided by:

  • Regional Arts & Culture Council
  • Work for Art
  • Oregon Arts Commision
  • Art Works
  • Oregon Live - Oregonian