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Full Show Recordings With Captions

Thanks to a generous donation from Don Nussmeier, Lakewood Theatre is proud to present fully captioned recordings of some recent shows. We hope you enjoy.

*Captioning is the process of converting the audio content of a television broadcast, webcast, film, video, CD-ROM, DVD, live event, or other productions into text and displaying the text on a screen or monitor. Captions not only display words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue or narration, but they also include speaker identification, sound effects, and music description. This project is undertaken to enhance access to our programs and events at Lakewood.

Instructions: CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE LOGO in the clips below to be taken to the Youtube site and then click on the lower right-hand corner of the video to get a full-screen presentation.

Young Playwrights Festival celebrates its 5th year as a participant in Fertile Ground Festival. Past YPF selectees have gone on to regional and national recognition by the Young Playwrights Festival in Los Angeles, National Endowment for the Arts/American Theatre Wing 2020 Songwriting Competition, and other state and local competitions. YPF is a collection of one-act plays by student playwrights who have been selected to work with professional directors, actors, and playwrights to gain insight, experience, and feedback to develop their plays with professional playwright mentors, Matthew Zrebski, C.S. Whitcomb, and others. YPF is under the direction of Megan Ward Stevens who is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in New York City and is the former Artistic/Literary Assistant and a festival producer for JAW: A Playwrights Festival at Portland Center Stage. Actors include Kelly Godell, Paul Glazier, Tom Walton, and Melissa Whitney. The Zoom Master is Demetri Pavlatos.

Written and Directed by C.S. Whitcomb
This 2021 production for Portland Fertile Ground was produced by LineStorm Playwrights, PDX Playwrights & Lakewood Theatre Company

Acting Counsel, C.S. Whitcomb’s latest work, starts when an aging actor comes to see a lawyer to write up a will and the attorney offers him a trade, “Full disclosure: I saw your Lear Twice. I’ll do it for free if you’ll help me deliver a summation to the jury that might get an 18-year-old kid off Death Row.” And so begins an unlikely collaboration and friendship where the stakes are literally life and death. Where the Law meets the Theatre and hopefully justice will prevail. The reading stars Tobias Andersen and Tom Walton.

STONE SOUP the Musical. This virtual live production directed by Demetri Pavlatos, featured several unique firsts for Lakewood Theatre Company. It was the first show to be auditioned, rehearsed, and performed entirely over Zoom, with no one asked to meet in person. The musical is an adaptation of the folk story of the same name. A traveler named Alex stumbles upon a city made entirely of stones where its citizens have been taught by their evil Mayor to trust no one and fear everything. Alex unites the citizens to work together and teaches them to confront their fears, by convincing them to help him cook his world-famous recipe for stone soup. Performed live on Zoom, Jan 29-31, 2021.

Buddy Returns: A Buddy Holly Tribute

This is a musical review featuring the musical hits by Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. The event was designed to raise funds for Lakewood programs. The evening featured Matthew McClure as Buddy Holly, Matthew Snyder as Ritchie Valens, and Eric Furuheim as the Big Bopper. Produced August 16-18 2018.


The Ghost of David Belasco

An original play written and directed by Cynthia Whitcomb Set in a haunted theatre, where a group of interested characters hire a medium to try and lay the ghost of theatre impresario David Belasco to rest so the theatre can reopen. They successfully make contact but things go hilariously astray. A farce in the style of Noises Off and The Play That Goes Wrong. Produced February 8, 2020.

A Dangerous Joy

Written and Directed by Terry Lomax. An original play based on German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s true life story, writer and director Terry Lomax has written a fictional account of the last hour of Bonhoeffer’s life. Produced Jan. 27-28, 2019.

Sides: the Musical

Music, Lyrics and Direction by Matthew Capurro Musical Direction by Jeffrey Michael Kauffman Every relationship’s story has at least two sides. This highly anticipated song cycle featured in sneak preview last summer at Portland Playhouse explores stories of romance, family and friendships from their many sides, as characters share their sometimes poignant, sometimes comical perspectives. Produced Jan 29 & 30, 2019

Dancing with July

an original musical By Hayley Green (Book and Lyrics) and Jean Lee (Music) A man who will never leave the woman he loves. A woman who will not let herself see the truth. When July Abernathy is faced with a series of events set into motion by the one person that she could never live without, she is forced to see life from the other side of the coin and accept all of the reality that comes with it. The sweeping, melodic score composed by New York songwriter, Jean Lee, helps to create a deeply moving story that lingers with the viewer long after the last note fades. Produced February 2019.

Young Playwrights Festival 2020

Lakewood Theatre Company's Young Playwrights Festival is a collection of one-act plays by high school playwrights from the Portland metro area who have been selected to work with professional directors and actors to gain insight, experience and feedback to develop their plays. The 2020 plays include Plays To Remember by Emily Imanishi, Once More by Lana Sage, Playdate by Aishwarya Marathe, and Body Keeps Score.

Young Playwrights Festival 2019

Young Playwrights Festival (YPF) is a collection of one-act plays by High School playwrights from the Portland metro area who have been selected to work with professional directors and actors to gain insight, experience and feedback to develop their plays. The 2019 plays include Two Points Below Perfect by Emily Imanishi Two Princes by Megumi Hoff, and Dr. Mrs. by Aishwarya Marathe.

A Bootlegger’s Son

American folk rock story of family and alcohol in early Oregon An original musical by Brian Harrison, Composer & Musical Director Brian Harrison’s original musical is a vivid mixed media walk through time telling the story of Oregon’s wild past through the eyes of 2 children. A family must immigrate from Europe to Portland. A young brother and sister endure unthinkable events and struggle to overcome the darkness of greed, alcohol, abuse and labor to save their grandfather’s fortune. Brian Harrison’s interest in Oregon history and his folk-rock sensibilities along with his classical training in piano and guitar shine in this musical’s elegant compositions. Produced September 2019