Haunted: A Ghost Story

Music and Book by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown

Watch the show online for one weekend only!
July 16 and 17 at 7:00 PM
July 18 at 2:00 PM


Haunted: A Ghost Story is a new musical by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown. Two siblings and a peculiar band of outsiders encounter ghosts, witches, and conquer the emotional demons living within them.

This production was unique in its creation and performance. The actors auditioned, rehearsed, and are set to perform entirely over Zoom without ever having met in person.

About the Show
A witch lives in these woods. Beyond the graveyard, inside the ramshackle cabin… and when the moon is full, she lures children to her lair to devour them from the inside out. At least that’s the campfire story they tell the gullible new kids. But is it true? Two siblings and a peculiar band of outsiders are determined to find out. They venture into the darkness to find the witch but soon discover they must confront what has truly been haunting each of them for years. 
Like any good ghost story, this brand new musical by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown is packed with suspense, humor, chills, surprises, and heart.

Haunted is a story about a teenage girl named Jasmine who blames herself for the accident that killed her sister and the divorce of her parents. On a camping trip with other young people, Jasmine is forced to confront her internal demons, with help from her twin brother and the supernatural world.


Haunted was written by Damon Brown and Allen Robertson, the same writing duo from Austin, Texas who created Stone Soup, which Lakewood presented last January. As with their other plays, Brown and Robertson have packed a complex story, a diverse group of characters, and well-written songs into a one-hour musical.


At the height of the pandemic, Lakewood Theatre Company devised their own system for producing live musicals on Zoom, and though we are all relieved to see the threat from covid 19 receding and are eager to get back on stage, we have decided to continue with our plan of producing this show live on Zoom because it gives the young actors a chance to explore a different form of theatre production than they are used to - one which arose out of necessity, but gives some exciting new opportunities.

The Haunted cast includes Alex Beebe, Samantha Blaine, Ella Hutchinson, Marielle Salehiamin, Otto Wardwell, Void Hughes, Sam Knofler, Annie McClory, Elizabeth Tran, Luka Varga, and Maggie Stanton.

The production team for Haunted includes Demetri Pavlatos, Director; Mak Kastelic, Music Director; Demetri Evelyn Cooper, Sound; Carson Hambuchen, Assistant Director; Willa Larson, Technician; Technician; Jhanvi Venkitesh, Technician; Jessica Carr, Costume; and Micah Steury, Props